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After Polyvore Shut Down


bring back polyvoreI found out that Polyvore is no longer operating. A sudden shut down that brought many users wondering why and brought many users to urge Ssense to bring back the Polyvore platform. As a user myself, I am not happy that Polyvore is no longer operating. My data was sent to me though after requesting for my data to be sent to me. You can request for your own data too at this link.

After Polyvore shut down, I moved on. But of course, I joined other Polyvore members in petitions to bring back Polyvore.

Without even a word of warning, this website, community, and family was destroyed, sold out to the company SSense and adopting the name- loosing all groups, it’s set making function, and basically morphing into a “luxury retailer” without consulting it’s member base.

The goal of this petition is simple – Bring Back Polyvore. Bring back the creative outlet for thousands. Bring back the website that connected people across the globe. Bring back the platform for creativity, individuality, and self expression. Bring. Back. Polyvore. 

— Lauren Coates