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Agency Analytics – An SEO Tool

Agency Analytics is an SEO tool that provides reports and analytics on your ranking in Search Engines. I am new to SEO and kind of clueless to the technical part of it. I am learning though, step by step, day after day. In my learning process, I have stumbled upon the tool.

At first glance, the application is friendly and kind of gave me what I need in my search for keywords relevant to dropshipping. I first used the free trial offered for 14 days and then eventually got the paid version for freelance which is at $49.

Other features of Agency Analytics include backlinks, competition, site audit, Goole Search console, and Bing Webmaster tools. It integrates Google Search Console into its platform so that the data you get is in sync with Google reports. When it comes to analytics, they have a choice of integrating the Google Analytics tool.

I have so much to learn and I think getting this tool is a huge step for me to develop my SEO efforts. Here is a link to Agency Analytics. Please note that I am not paid to promote them. I just thought to add this on my blog. For people who have already known me for quite some time, this blog is intended to keep my tools in place. So that I can easily get back to the tools I find most helpful in the future.

Agency Analytics Review