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Best Amazon Sections To Find Cool Products

Love Amazon? Shop with ease by checking out sections with interesting products. Check it out below.

Disclaimer: I get small commissions when you shop at Amazon through my site. Thank you.

1. New and Interesting Finds

At the top of the main page, you may have noticed “New & Interesting Finds on Amazon” banner. Click on the banner or the Explore button and you be taken to a specialized store that features new and affordable finds in Amazon. From home decorations to small kitchen essentials. This section curates the latest cool interesting items. The page is featured in a collage style which is being updated daily

Scroll down to view cool idea features like Aloha Beaches, Tea party ideas, Hugs to Pugs, and many, many more. Check out the section here – New and Interesting Finds on Amazon

2. Shop Off to College

At the upper right section of Amazon’s main page, you will find “Shop Off to College” section. When you click on this banner, it will bring you to another specialized store that features all your college essentials. From dorm essentials, textbooks, PCs, Tablets and other accessories. And they are currently offering the Amazon Prime Student for 6 months – Free! 

The Amazon Prime Student features fast and free shipping on more than 100 million items, TV show, and movie streaming, plus exclusive college deals! Read more about this great offer from Amazon.

3. Back to school

Looking for school supplies for K-12 students? Amazon got a specialized store for this too. While inside “Shop Off to College”, click on the “Shop k-12” button.

This will take you to another store that features all back to school items.  From school supplies for all grade levels, clothing and accessories for boys and girls, great deals for back to school, plus a collection of items for parents, teachers, and even teens.

Explore “Back to School” section for great product finds.

4. The Handmade Section

Are you looking for all things handmade? Amazon has a dedicated section for all things Handmade too. The store has everything you are looking for from customizable jewelry to crafty vases. Since it is handmade, you will have to give it a few days to make and ship. Most of the items you will find in this section are available through Prime shipping.

While we all know that there could be more than thousands of handmade products in the market but Amazon has made it easier for everyone by creating subcategories under this section. You will find top categories in handmade products from Jewelry, Home & Kitchen, Handbags and Totes, Beauty and Grooming, and Artwork. You can even search by an Artisan’s location.

Explore Handmade on Amazon

5. Amazon Fashion

Do you know that more millennials are buying their clothes on Amazon than any other e-commerce sites? Time Money reported in March 2017 that Millenials prefer to buy clothes online via Amazon.

The online marketplace conducted 16.6% of the revenue from 18 to 35-year-old online shoppers last year, followed by Nordstrom (8.1%), Old Navy (5.1%), J. Crew (4.2%) and Victoria’s Secret (3.6%), according to research from digital commerce data organization Slice Intelligence. – Time Money

Amazon employed professionals from various fashion companies. Julie Gilhart fashion director of Barneys New York and Vogue editor Caroline Palmer were reportedly hired by Amazon as fashion consultants. In recent years, Amazon has begun to move its fashion strategy by offering high-end designers and up-and-coming fashion labels.

What makes Amazon Fashion stand out aside from high fashion levels? You can get your clothes and accessories in quickest possible time through your Amazon Prime account.

Explore Amazon Fashion

6. Beauty & Personal Care

There’s also a wide range of beauty and personal care items that you can choose from. All curated for you in Amazon’s The Beauty store. Choose from wide brands of skin care products, makeup, to professional skin care. You can find the latest quality products you can find only with famous salon and spa clinics.

Explore Beauty & Personal Care

7. Cell Phone & Accessories 

Are you looking for cell phones and accessories? Amazon got you covered. The store features quality cell phone accessories and top-rated carrier cell phones for less. Browse through the subcategories – “cell phones”, “cases, holsters & sleeves”, “accessories”, “sim cards and prepaid minutes”. They’ve got everything mobile curated in one store. Check out the best sellers under this section too.

Explore Cell Phones & Accessories

8. Computers, Tablets, & Accessories

Looking for computers for your IT needs? Check out the Computers, Tablets, and Accessories section. Shop for laptops, desktops, to computer components, and hard drives. Browse through Amazon’s choice under this section for top-rated and reasonably priced computer items. It’s available to ship almost immediately.

Explore Computers, Tablets, & Accessories

9. Home and Kitchen

According to nChannel, Amazon has sold 64.3 Million on Home and Kitchen alone in 2017. This means that people are continuously looking to improve their living by browsing through affordable Home and Kitchen items. In fact, 60% of Amazon’s top sellers are focused on this category because it has been proven to sell like hotcakes.

In this section, you can shop by room, shop by look, shop by style, or just visit the showroom. Explore more in the Home & Kitchen section on Amazon.

10. Tools & Home Improvement

Another section worth checking is the Tools & Home Improvement section on Amazon. Statistics from nChannel reports that this category alone has sold 11.1 million on Amazon. Check out their home improvement and featured categories for amazing products to help you with your home DIY projects. Explore Tools and Home Improvement section.

Find the best products on Amazon. They have everything you even need. Did we miss your favorite section on Amazon? Let us know from the comments below.

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