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How do you apply SEO to your eBay store?

If you have a store in eBay, SEO becomes easy with there guidelines found in this page SEO eBay store.

Keywords Matter

Store naming alone has a huge impact on how buyers find you online. So if you sell computers, incorporate the word computers to your title like in eBay’s example, Ben’s Computers.

Your store description should have the same keywords as your Store name. Going back to the example, if you are selling computers, incorporate the word computers in your description. Ideally, your keyword should appear in the first sentence of your description.

eBay SEO: Easily Rank First on Ebay

There are other factors that you can do to optimize your store:

Custom pages, custom categories, and listing headers are all contributory to the success of your online store on eBay. When it comes to your listings, use the same technique of incorporating the keywords that customers will be searching. To be more specific, if you are listing a Samsung Laptop computer, be sure to add the brand. Customers are now specific and would rather type in the specific type or brand they are looking for. Again, it would be best to add the keywords at the beginning of the title.

Many people use a third-party application in eBay drop shipping to list their products. An example of a third party lister is DSM tool, blacklister, pricematik, and so much more. These dropshipping tools usually have features to help you search keywords and list the products on eBay.

So whether you decide to use a third party lister or manually listing the items yourself, it is always important to strategically place your keywords in the store name, store description, listing title, description, item specifics, and etc. By carefully choosing the right keyword for your listing and adding it in the right places, you will be able to rank #1 in eBay search engines in no time.