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Article Writing For Beginners

Working moms can earn part time by article-writing-jobs online. Article writing pays a per word or per 500-word per article depending on the topic that you are writing for. In the Philippines, the general article writer can receive $1 to $3 per 500 word article on average. If you get lucky with your pitch in top magazine sites, you can earn as much as $150 per 1000-word articles.

What is Article Writing?

Article writing means writing article about a particular topic. Content should be niche-specific. A standard article must have more than 300 words and runs around one subject. Best articles are those that run around targeted keywords. Keywords used should be specific to the industry you work for or for the product you are trying to endorse.

What are keywords?

Keywords are important when writing an article. These are the driving factors to reach your audience. There are various free tools to help you determine what keywords are making it big in the market. When you already have a keyword to work on, make sure that your keyword is spread throughout the article. This is what we call SEO optimized articles.

Ideally, you want to have the keyword in your title, in your URL, the first sentence of your first paragraph, once in the body, and at the last sentence of your summary. Beware to have too much keywords in your article. This rings an alarm to Google.

The income potential of writing is huge. More and more stay at home moms are earning from writing at home. You too can earn through writing. 

How to look for topics?

If topics are not given to you. You will have to come up with a good topic that is trending. Your topic should also appeal to your audience. You can get good topics through website. 
  • Go to the website
  • Set your search to your target country
  • Enter your niche or your keyword
  • Click search
The website will fetch good topics for you across the web. Once done, click on data.
Phrases that has more than $0.00 are the phrases that’s ideal to talk about.

Other tools to help you in your writing project

Hemmingway App. This online web app is a free and easy to use writer’s app. It helps you proof read your work to determine if it is readable by your audience.
Grammarly. This app has a paid and free version. Although the paid version is helpful, you can better help with the paid version.
Plagiarism checker tools. There are many free plagiarism checker tools online. There is Plagium, DustBall, Plagiarism Checker, Plagiarisma, and others. The most trusted plagiarism tool checker is Copyscape. Sadly, this app has no free version.
Writing is fun and it can earn you extra money. Learn how to do it.
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