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February 15, 2017: Baguio City Temperature at 7.3°C and Sto. Tomas at 6°C

Thank you concerned citizens for keeping everyone updated of what’s happening around us. I seldom go out so I am not really aware of sudden changes in our temperature. Although I knew it was colder than it normally was this morning to the extent that I have to like “dress up” for work at my home office. I was literally cold and freezing.

Nonetheless, temperature normalized at around 9:00am as temperature got warmer at 16°C. See Shemen Padua’s post in Facebook regarding our temperature this morning. To our fellow “kailian”, stay safe and keep warm. Wear those jackets and Ugg boots from the wagwagan. It will help a lot.

According to Civil Defense Cordillera and Pagasa Baguio Synoptic Station, Baguio City’s temperature dropped to 7.3°C and Sto. Tomas at 6°C this morning (15 Feb., 2017). This will possibly continue to drop tomorrow.
Just imagine how much colder would it be in the higher towns of Benguet and Mtn. Province.

If the cold weather is almost freezing for us, what more for the unprivileged or needy children and senior citizens on the streets, those on poor living conditions especially in higher places and not easily reached by road.

I believe this is the time for the ‘FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR’ in each and everyone of us to come out and offer some help to those who are in need in this freezing weather. A little unused jacket will do, no matter how old is that. A blanket treasured by your cabinet will be nice no matter how thick or thin is that. A shared warm water in the morning then watch those smiles will melt your heart. Anything extra when shared with those who needs it the most will mean everything for them.

We don’t really need Spiderman nor Superman nor the Avengers, Darna, Captn. Barbel, nor Lastikman to come and rescue our neighbors. There is already a hero deep inside us, just sleeping most of the time. I know it’s freezing cold but i am also sure those giving hands will warm your heart once you have done a good deed to your neighbor. 😉

Godbless and keep yourself warm everyone in the North.


Please keep these hotlines in case of Health Care Emergency:
911 on Call Baguio City: 074 443 5678
Baguio City Police Station: 166