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Canva Saves Me A Lot Of Work

Canva is a cloud based application that helps a lot of non-designers who wants to do away with Photoshop. Canva allows anyone to create their own designs using various templates readily available in their site.

What is Canva?

What can you do on Canva?

You can create simple designs from blog post images, collage, worksheets, ebooks, banners, logos, and a whole lot more. Canva gives anyone the opportunity to become creative by designing their own logos and banners and exploring their artistic nature.

How to create worksheets with Canva?

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to create simple worksheets for your upcoming presentation.

How to create an Ebook with Canva

Creating an Ebook can be time consuming especially when you’re formatting your pages to mobi files and or epub files. Canva has made a lot easier for anyone looking to create their first ebook. Watch this quick tutorial on how to create your first ebook.

How to create a logo for your business using Canva?

Watch this video tutorial and I swear you will be making your very first logo design in no time at all, without all the techie stuff too.

Here’s more! Watch¬†5 Clever Canva Hacks below

There you go folks. You can find more tutorials about Canva. Go ahead and create a free account and you can navigate your way to creating new designs. You don’t need a BS to learn Canva, your limitation is your imagination.

What’s best about Canva? They offer it for free. Using their free version alone will definitely be very helpful to all your design needs.