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Understanding Link Building: What are Lost Links in SEO?

If you are using one of those SEO tools for analytics such as Agency Analytics or SEO Profiler, you will come across the term lost links. So what is this term all about? Lost links are links that are no longer linking to your site because it may have been removed by the webmaster or the link that had been submitted to a certain website had expired.

Below is a graph from Agency Analytics that show lost links

How to resolve an issue of lost links? 

First of all, we have to understand that links in other websites are created through link building. In the process, we are trying to let our presence known throughout the web by spreading our link to other relevant websites or on social media platforms. Read more about Link Building from Neil Patel here: The Advanced Guide to Link Building

If you are actively building your links, those lost links can easily be replaced by new and quality links. This means links coming from trusted sites. You can read more about efficient link building strategies from Neil Patel here: 13 Efficient Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this blog is part of my journey to SEO. Anything you read from this post acts as my resource. I am not a guru, I am also a student learning from the best in the industry. Thank you.

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