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My SEO Journal

Hi. This post (and the succeeding posts to come) is to journal my success (and failures) in SEO for a pet online store.

I write for a start up pet online store. It’s a real challenge for me because it is my first time to manage a blog. I accepted the challenge because this would mean learning new things. I was given an SEO guide that promises a lot of things: simple, easy, and proven effective.

While I have not reached the part “proven effective” yet, the first two is not just the way it is for me. I actually find it challenging and complicated.

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means improving your website’s visibility to Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In simple terms, SEO is a process in which your goal is to connect your website to search engines. Sounds easy? Good luck.

Accepting an SEO job

As most of my friends know, I have been working online for 7 years now. I have written articles, managed data, managed social media, managed email, managed WordPress sites, managed blogs, and built websites. I have touched on the basics of SEO however this is my very first time to work on SEO on a higher and deeper level. So I have enrolled myself to another challenge that I believe I can manage to understand and practice at the expert level in time.

As I go through this journey, I would like to journal my developments and if you have ideas and other suggestions to share. I will be very glad to hear from you.

Till my next post,