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Baguio City Panagbenga 2017 Is A WOW! Featuring Great Costumes and Grand Floats!


Featured Image photo credits: Ric Maniquis

Working moms all over the region took a break to witness Panagbenga festival in Baguio City. There were at least 2 million tourists who came to Baguio to witness colorful costumes and grand floats that paraded Session Road. 

Bloggers like Turista Boy, Rappler, and other media networks helped to bring the live event to working moms at home through videos, photos, and live streaming. Thus, the whole world practically witnessed the grand street dance and colorful floats featured during the event.

Photo By: Chino Chow of K-Lite

February 25, The Grand Street Dance Parade. This year’s theme is “Inspired by Beauty, Nurtured by Nature” featuring street dances from young participants who demonstrated cultural dances. They wore colorful floral-themed costumes mostly created from recycled materials. There was a total of 21 entries. Four from the high school division, nine from the elementary division, and eight from the open division.

February 26, The Grand Float Parade. It was a kaleidoscope of colors. The floats from various companies and government agencies brought viewers the “ahs” and “ohs”. Each float brighten up lookers who patiently waited from 6am. It was well worth the wait to witness awesome floats and celebrities.

Photo Credits: Colorful events brought to you by the photographers of Baguio,Ric Maniquis, Turista Boy, Northern Bloggers, Chino Chow, Klite, Inquirer, PTV, GMA, ABS-CBN, Rappler, and other media coverages.

Photo By: Turista Boy
Photo By: Turista Boy
Photo By: Ric Maniquis

Photo By: ABS-CBN

Photo By: ABS-CBN
Photo By: ABS-CBN

Tourists and locals alike are patiently waiting for the event to unfold. Photo By: Business World

Photo By: Sitel
“Carrot man” and the cool dudes of Baguio. Photo By: Pinoy Hottest Celebrities
Photo By: Inquirer
Photo By: Inquirer
Convergys supported the parade. Photo By: Convergys
Ms. International. Photo By: Francis Libiran
Photo By: PTV

The whole of Baguio is in good spirit. Thank you to our Baguio Street Sweepers who made sure that the cleanliness of the city is well maintained during the flock of tourists, and our Baguio Police Officers who maintained peace and order during the event.