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How I Started To Work At Home – The Beginning

image source: joy magazine

I started working online in 2010, a year after I was retrenched in the company that I worked in for five years. It was a bittersweet moment. Nonetheless, it was also a blessing in disguise. Without losing my job, I wouldn’t have become a digital nomad. Eight years ago, I was not even close to working with computers. I actually don’t know how to operate computers! I’m practically clueless on how the computer works.

The BPO Industry


Determination brought me to where I am now. With experience I got working in a BPO industry for some time in 2009 (the only job that I qualified in without leaving my hometown), I was introduced to online jobs by a colleague. Curious like a cat, I went out of my way, practically bugging everyone I know and don’t know to teach me how to get a job from the internet.

My First Break!

image source: freepik

I don’t have a computer. So I purchased a desktop and got myself a broadband internet connection. Not knowing where to start, I sent my resume to all job openings on Craigslist until I got my first email. I started at $85 a week (don’t laugh. I know that’s too low but someone has to start somewhere) as an email customer service representative. I didn’t resign yet as a CSR at the BPO industry. I have to make sure that this new job is not a scam. So I worked double time.

Setting Myself Free

After three months of working double time, I thought this is not a scam after all. I was paid for the work I’ve done for three months. On the fourth month, I resigned from my regular job at the BPO industry and decided to work full time at home as a virtual assistant.