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Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you using sticky notes in your day to day activities? Well, I do. As a mom working @ home for almost 8 years now, I learned to love sticky notes. It’s handy and saves your notes even when your computer shuts down unexpectedly – Something that you can’t gain from notepad (not unless you save it to your computer).

So if you are new to sticky notes here are helpful keyboard shortcuts to help you achieve the right format for your notes. The text below is borrowed from You can read the full tutorial here:

Sticky Notes also lets you format the text from any note, with the help of some keyboard key shortcuts. Select the text you want to format and press one of the following keyboard shortcuts, to get the desired formatting:

  • Bold: Ctrl+B

  • Italic: Ctrl+I

  • Underline: Ctrl+U

  • Strikethrough: Ctrl+T

  • Bullet list: Ctrl+Shift+L

  • Increase font size: Ctrl+Shift+>

  • Decrease font size: Ctrl+Shift+

  • Capitalize (or otherwise) highlighted letters: Ctrl+Shift+A

  • Right align: Ctrl+R

  • Center align: Ctrl+E

  • Left align: Ctrl+L

  • Single line space: Ctrl+1

  • Double line space: Ctrl+2

  • 1.5 line space: Ctrl+5