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Top Three Avenues To Make Money Online

make money onlineI have been in the virtual assistant business since 2009. And yeah, I have seen many opportunities to make money online. You might be asking why I haven’t grabbed any of these opportunities other than working remotely as a virtual assistant. Well, the main reason is that I love being a VA and the stability of income that comes with it. While I have been freelancing on the side, I make sure that my regular VA job is taken cared of. So to put it simply, being a VA is my priority.

Family and friends know that I’ve been working online for several years (almost 10 years) and I always get the question of how to become a VA or how to start making money online. Well to cut this short, this post is to give you my top three ideas on how to start making money online. But I have to warn you that all money-making avenues will require dedication and hard work. Without both, you may not be able to be successful in any avenue.

Here are my top three avenues to make money online

1. Virtual Assistant. This is the avenue I am at and been busy about. I earn a decent income as a full-time VA. So what do I do? I do all sorts of stuff that’s within my skillset. You can be a virtual assistant too. I suggest that you identify your skillset first and then you can move forward from there. You can check (formerly to find your first VA gig.

virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. The term originated in the 1990s as the ability to work virtually due to technology improvements, such as high-speed Internet, document sharing, and other advancements, made working remotely a reality. – Randy Duermyer /

2. Drop Shipping. I have been working for a drop shipping company for like 2 years now. My favorite description of this business (you will have known this if you have read my other posts at DSMagazine) – Drop shipping is like buying and selling with a twist. The difference lies in the inventory – You don’t have to keep one. You can read more about drop shipping from Oberlo and Shopify. You can also check DSMagazine –  What is Drop Shipping: How To Start A Business Without Breaking The Bank.

3. Affiliate Marketing. You must have heard of this before. This works like drop shipping however you earn through commissions. You get to promote a company’s product through affiliate links provided by the company. Learn more about this through this Guide for Beginners from or you can check out my post in I have provided the link above.

I also published these ideas on so if you want to check it out, here is the link to the article – 8 methods of becoming a digital nomad and make money online.