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How to Write a Blog Post for Buffer by Kevin Lee (My Notes)

Disclaimer: This post is written purposely to serve as my notes. Nothing more than that. Really rushing today and can’t even write a decent post. Nonetheless, if you happen to see this, feel free to check on Kevin Lee’s post. I shared the link below. And I have a few notes for myself too that I took out from Kevin’s post. I hope you find this helpful.

I found this article that I am looking forward to putting into action, hoping to see if the process is going to work for me. Being a writer for almost 10 years, I have developed my own strategy. But this strategy is the coolest because you get to time your work for each process. Anyway, here is the link to the article.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Full Breakdown of How We Do it at Buffer

I wrote some important notes for me here too:

Important to use: Free time-tracking tool Toggl

Step by step:

  1. Research – 40 minutes per post
  2. Outline – 4 minutes per post
  3. Writing – 59 minutes per post
  4. Editing – 26 minutes per post
  5. Creating images – 30 minutes per post
  6. SEO – 4 minutes per blog post
  7. Headlines – 6 minutes per post
  8. Promotion – 7 minutes per post

Tools to consider for visuals and images: 

Pablo, for title images and quote images

Canva, for miscellaneous graphics and Pinterest-sized graphics

Skitch, for annotated screenshots

Cloud App, for animated GIFs, for compressing large images into smaller file sizes

IconFinder and The Noun Project, for icons

UnSplash and Death to the Stock Photo, for free images

I particularly enjoyed a system I used when starting out at Buffer: The 3-day Blogpost Process. It worked like this: Day one: Research, Day two: Writing, Day three: Editing

This is indeed a great resource for writers. Check it out. Please don’t mind my own notes here. The notes are totally meant for me, for my reference once I put my head into writing.

Thank you and hope I have shared something valuable today.